Please Touch Museum

At the Please Touch Museum, they have one goal: to make your event as perfect and memorable for you both. Their spaces are creatively designed with enough theme that can fit any need. From intimate celebrations to large-scale gala nights. Also, you’ll feel right at home in the museum where there will always be something new! Similarly, dance under the dome or sip cocktails next to a 70-foot river. Further, this magnificent place can be found in the historic Memorial Hall.

In like manner, the Memorial Hall is the perfect location for weddings, intimate events and more. The venue offers an unforgettable experience with its beautiful architecture as well-known in town by locals alike! One of their prominent features is the cuisine they offer. You can choose from a variety of menus by the Brûlée catering services. By the same token, the Please Touch Museum is the most amazing children’s museum in the world. With colorful architecture and structures that are more than just museum pieces. They’re works of art themselves! Truly, guests will be captivated by the exhibits here. From a breathtaking restored 1920s carousel, to an imaginative gallery.

Equally, the South Foyer is the perfect spot to exchange vows. With its breathtaking landscape and awe-inspiring interior. It’s no surprise that this room has been used for wedding receptions ever since! Meanwhile, if your ceremony doesn’t need an abundance of space but still have something special in mind, then consider using Hamilton Hall instead. Comprised entirely out toys that make up a replica of the Statue of Liberty!

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