Red Orchard Barn

In March 2007, a 131 acre farm was donated to Shelby County’s Parks Department. The property had been in the Miller family since 1925 and is now known as Red Orchard Park. Also, the orchard was said to turn an unforgettable shade of red in the fall; thus it earned its name. In fact, it’s also a place of serenity and beauty, where nature’s abundance can be enjoyed at its most perfect!

With an outdoor barn theme playground, hiking trails and horseback riding available for guests of all ages, there’s no better place to celebrate than here! The tall, grand trees lined either side of the pathway are symbols for stability and unity. The arching branches create a sense that anything can happen in this magical place! Picture yourself walking down an aisle between these giants – it’s unstoppable beauty makes every girl feel like royalty on her special day! On the contrary, make the barn the most elegant place for a wedding. Along with string lights and voile hanging from beams to create an authentic rustic chic look.

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