Redlands is an old town with nostalgia in the air. It’s located just outside of Los Angeles, but has many architectural landmarks. Located at the base of San Bernardino mountains, Redlands is an ideal spot for those who love hiking and biking. The area offers easy access to quaint shops with eclectic designs. As well as historic architecture that will take you back in time!

This place is a haven for those looking to escape with their sweet treats, but Redlands, California offers much more than just that. From its orchards, come some of America’s best oranges and fruit preserves. While there are also many breweries within the town itself, perfect if you’re feeling sauced after sampling all those hops! Also, in here, you’ll find the A.K. Smiley Library, a repository of local history. Amazingly, the Redlands Bowl is one of the oldest continuously-held music festivals in America, running from June to August. No admission fee means you can enjoy this amazing summer concert without worrying about paying for your tickets.

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