Sacred Heart Church

The Sacred Heart Church is a beautiful, popular place to get married. Couples from all over the country come here for their big day! You can also see how amazing its architecture is, until you’ll shift your focus to its ornate interior. Most of the newlyweds loved holding their wedding here because of how beautiful it looks!

Further, the parish is located at 39th and “J” Streets, east of Sacramento. It was established in 1926 by the Diocese of Sacramento. Notably, it is also a vibrant community of believers striving to be faithful. They are called by Baptism to reach out in Christian service. Both with an open mind and generous heart, unconditionally loving one another as they love themselves. This parish has a rich history of being generous and charitable. They have been blessed with people who give their time, talent, and money to help the work of Christ in this world.

Also, those who wish to get married in the church must first become an actively participating parishioner. For at least two years before scheduling their wedding. This means attending Sunday Mass regularly and offering contributions to the Parish.

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