Shirley Canyon Trailhead

The Shirley Canyon trail is one of Lake Tahoe’s best half-day hikes. It starts from flowing waterfalls and the beautiful, high alpine Shirley Lake. Where hikers can enjoy the natural scenery up close. After, you can continue on to climb through huge granite boulders along a shady forest pathway until you reach wildflowers in bloom. Now, for those couple that are both adventurous and dares to be in the moment, this could only mean one thing. And that’s no other than choosing this as their elopement wedding venue!

To begin your journey, park in the main Squaw Valley parking lot and walk to the end of Squaw Peak Road. You will see a large sign with trail maps at this point. Thoroughly, follow the signs. Likewise, Shirley Canyon is a great place to hike and explore during the last weeks of winter. The waterfalls are still roaring with full force as you make your way up along the path. Also, keep an eye on them right through until it ends in front of some stunning views. Perhaps, that scene could be the perfect natural backdrop to exchange your vows. At the same time, along the trail, hikers will be able to experience three beautiful waterfalls. As well as dense vegetation and a variety of wildflowers.

However, the difficult part is following the path exactly since it can sometimes get confusing. But keep in mind that you should always stay on your right side while walking along a creek for about 2.5 miles. Until reaching some massive granite slabs at its end point.

Further, when you reach Shirley Lake, cool off from your hike. You can simply take a dip in the water or find a shady spot to sit down. Better yet, officiate your elopement here! After which, you can enjoy the lake’s view, and continue on towards your hike. You’ll go through either Solitude Trail or pass under Shirley Canyon Express. All of which still leads towards the High Camp.

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