Sole Repair Shop

When you’re looking for a venue to host your next event, Sole Repair Shop is where it’s at. With their distinctive space, it makes any Seattle occasion one of a kind and unforgettable! The catering and bar at this establishment make it a full service experience too. Also, the Shop is versatile enough to be a hip party space, an elegant venue for weddings and receptions or the perfect setting of company Christmas or holiday parties. The shop can easily adapt its use depending on your celebratory needs!

The event planning professionals at the venue can help you come up with a plan that’s perfect for your needs. With their experience and expertise, they’ll take all of those ideas of what an exciting night might look like in order to turn them into reality! Located in the heart of downtown Seattle, Sole Repair Shop provides 1,800 square feet with a full-service bar and catering options for any event.

In addition, as a shoe repair facility, Sole Repair was fully transformed! And in 2008, it became an event and party venue with full multi-media capabilities. There’s a reason that Sole Repair Shop has been delivering successful events for years. Whether you need them at your next party or meeting, they’re sure to provide an unforgettable experience!

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