St. John the Baptist Catholic Church

Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church is a place where people from all backgrounds and languages can find diverse communities. Also, it is a notable parish in the Orange County. Notably, the priests at Saint John follow traditions that precede for 900 years, as founded by Saint Norbert (Norbertines). In addition, three main language groups are ministered within the parish. The church offers masses in English, Spanish and Vietnamese. Which provides for an open population within the county.

Further, they minister to their congregation through many different ways; including masses, adoration for Jesus Christ, confessions, and sacred sacraments. As well as abundant of religious education opportunities. By the same token, their goal is not just simply caring about one another, but having each person be able to love themselves unconditionally!

On one hand, the Sacrament of Matrimony is a beautiful worship service, but it can be daunting to plan for. With that, this Catholic church encourages its followers to download the Preparing for Matrimony Guidelines booklet, which provides specific details on how you can plan a celebration at Saint John the Baptist. Also, as a way for you and your partner to be mentally prepared. So that this sacred event will not only go off without any glitches or surprises, but also have an impactful spiritual component too.

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