St. Mary’s Chapel

The beautiful St. Mary’s Chapel is the perfect place to celebrate your wedding! This venue offers affordable and memorable celebration of life and ceremony. Along with downtown views that are not as scenic anywhere else in Charlotte than here!

Also, there will always be something new happening at this historic place. So you can rest assure in knowing that it’ll never get boring for guests. Especially for those who have been coming here since they were little kids themselves. Back when their parents got married in this chapel too. And now, it will be another generation’s turn to create memories of a lifetime! The stunning St. Mary’s Chapel is the perfect place for any sacred celebration, memorial service or other ceremony with its beautiful architecture and history that dates back centuries ago. In fact, it has been a designated Historic Landmark since 1975.

Additionally, there is one dressing room available for all renters to use. This space also has central heating and cooling systems with HVAC that ensure efficient performance year round. More importantly, wedding slots are scheduled on Saturdays and Sundays. With 2-hour 30 minute increments. Weddings may be scheduled outside of normal hours. But only by approval. Thus, they recommend an early morning start. In order to ensure optimal photography opportunities too.

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