St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish

Experience the warm embrace of Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish, a cherished spiritual haven located in the heart of Auburn, Alabama. As an integral part of the esteemed Archdiocese of Mobile, our parish extends a heartfelt welcome to all who enter our doors.

Whether you are a newcomer, a visitor, or seeking information about the Catholic Church, we are here to guide you on your journey. If you have been away from the church for an extended period, we open our arms to welcome you back with love and understanding.

At St. Michael the Archangel, our community thrives with vibrant energy and is enriched by numerous ministries and parish organizations. Our diverse congregation encompasses individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences. Together, we form a tapestry of faith, unity, and shared values.

We encourage you to explore the boundless opportunities that await you at St. Michael the Archangel Parish. Immerse yourself in our enriching worship experiences, embrace the sense of belonging within our community, engage in meaningful service to others, and partake in the social connections that foster lifelong friendships.

Discover the joys and blessings that await you at Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic Parish. Allow us to accompany you on your spiritual journey, providing guidance, support, and a nurturing environment for you and your family.

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