St. Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church

St. Vincent de Paul Church is a historic Roman Catholic parish and Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument (No. 90). It has been around since 1925, and was originally built in one of the wealthiest sections of town. In detail, adjacent to the Edward Doheny Mansion – which has now become part of the oil tycoon’s legacy!

Looking back, the history of the prominent parish goes way before its royal foundation. The roots can be traced all the way to when it was founded by Archbishop Thaddeus Amat, CM, a Vincentian priest who served as the first ever bishop in Los Angeles. A vision for the archdiocese was to bring Vincentians west and found a university. From that, a chapel was established and more. Today, the church stands tall in the whole district.

Further, St. Vincent celebrated over 60 weddings last year alone, as this beautiful church tends to fill up quickly during peak wedding season. So, if you’re planning your big day soon, start off with an initial consultation for all the details needed. Because this parish’s team will be more than thrilled to help you all throughout!

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