Suquamish Dock

Suquamish Dock is the perfect place to take engagement photos for a number of reasons. The dock is located in the Suquamish tribe’s ancestral homeland, and the tribe has a long history of fishing and gathering shellfish in the area. The location’s surrounded by picturesque mountains, forests, and waterways. Also, the dock offers a stunning view of Puget Sound, with the Olympic Mountains in the distance. This makes it a great backdrop for photos.

Furthermore, the dock is located in a small town with a lot of charm. There are several cute shops and cafes nearby, which makes it easy to find a place to take a break in between shoots. And finally, this spot is just a short drive from Seattle, making it convenient for couples who live in or near the city. So if you’re looking for a beautiful and convenient place to take your engagement photos, look no further than Suquamish Dock!

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