Susquehanna Club

Soon as you enter the building, a feeling of peace and tranquility washes over you. As you feel yourself relaxing more and more with each step away from the stress-filled life outside its doors. The gentle wind whips through the cracks in this old barn as it shines with beauty. It’s hard to believe that so much history has been hidden away. Just waiting for your eyes and ears, lost treasures from another world are yours for discovery!

The Susquehanna Club is a one-of-a kind experience. It has a warm atmosphere inside and spectacular views of both water on two sides. With fine furnishings collected over time by generations too. So that guests can enjoy what they’ll see here today! It’s clear that this club was built for quality people who want more than just a usual celebration.

Moreover, the Susquehanna Club is a wonderful place to have a memorable event. Whether you’re looking for wedding celebrations, business conferences, seminars, family reunions and more – the club has something that will fit your needs! Additionally, you can choose between the Riverside Ballroom that has an amazing view of the surrounding river. Or the Main Ballroom with its beautifully large dance floor and fireplace. When you think of a venue, what comes to mind? For many people in New Cumberland and surrounding areas, the Susquehanna Club will be their first choice!

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