Terra Laguna Beach

Known for its natural beauty and creative ambiance, this Orange County gem hosts a variety of wildly popular art festivals. One such event is “The Pageant of the Masters”. It’s a mesmerizing piece of performance art that transforms some of the world’s most famous paintings into a series of unforgettable live tableaux. Odds are, if you’ve attended one of these events in recent years, then you probably dined at Tivoli Terrace. Known as the on-site local favorite. But recently, they completed their own transformation into the Terra Laguna Beach. With an even more zen experience than before!

Now, you can treat yourself to the artistically crafted food at this venue! Imagine, your wedding day in a place where not only you’ll find authentic delicious dishes from California, but also a location where you can choose from two enchanting venues! Also, with its expansive two-level design, it enables a sleek, glass-sided staircase that leads to a garden veranda with lush greeneries surrounding you. In like manner, you can have your ceremony downstairs in their atrium-style venue – where you could see the panoramic vistas of festival grounds and hills.

As a matter of fact, another good catch about this venue is their sustainability. They have farm stands with fresh produce and ethically sourced meats from local farmers. Making sure that every dish that they cook are both tasty and hands down healthy for all of their guests. Talk about such an artistically crafted place!

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