The Alice Austen House

The Alice Austen House in New York is a captivating engagement photo location that offers a unique blend of history, natural beauty, and artistic charm. The house is a historic landmark that was once the home of the renowned photographer Alice Austen. It provides a sense of nostalgia and cultural heritage, adding depth and character to your engagement photos.

Situated along the picturesque shoreline of Staten Island, the house offers stunning waterfront views of the New York Harbor and the Manhattan skyline. This scenic backdrop creates a romantic and captivating atmosphere for your engagement photos. The grounds feature well-maintained gardens and lush greenery, providing a natural and serene backdrop for your photoshoot.

The house is located in the area of Rosebank, which offers additional scenic locations for your engagement shoot. You can explore nearby parks, such as Silver Lake Park or Clove Lakes Park, which provide beautiful natural landscapes and additional photo opportunities.

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