The Beverly Hills Hotel

In the Beverly Hills Hotel, they strongly believe in the power of love. With that said, the “Pink Palace” has hosted some of Los Angeles’ most luxurious and prestigious weddings for royalties. As well as Hollywood legends, international dignitaries, and locals alike. Further, with their world-class setting and team of experts, they can craft the most unforgettable day of your life! As you can have several options to choose where your ceremony and reception could be. Just select from an outdoor or indoor setting that will surely be a feast to the eyes!

Moreover, you can try the Crystal Ballroom, the largest and striking function room in this hotel. This ballroom can accommodate hundreds of guests, with its private foyer and dancefloor accented with a Venetian chandelier. In addition, there’s the Sunset Ballroom and Rodeo Ballroom that can give you both a dazzling vibe with its French door and scenic views. Also, if you want a much intimate tone, the Polo Private Dining Room may suit your taste, with its own patio and traditional décor.

Now, if you want an outdoor space, the Crystal Garden is a beautiful location with its manicured lawn and romantic delight. It can be freely decorated into a much more breathtaking place! Truly, nothing beats the glory that this hotel has in store. So get ready to experience such elegance once you’ve stepped into the renowned grounds of the Beverly Hills Hotel!

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