The Burr Homestead – Burr Mansion

Delight your guests with an immersive experience at the illustrious Burr Homestead, renowned for its historical significance and captivating ambiance. Nestled in the heart of Fairfield Connecticut’s Town Green historic district, at 739 Old Post Road, this cherished venue is an idyllic setting for a summer garden wedding or a truly unique celebration. With its grandeur and versatility, the Burr Mansion effortlessly caters to gatherings of all sizes, offering a range of options for your wedding reception.

Step into a world of timeless elegance as you explore the Italianate high ceiling rooms and bask in the classic charm that adorns every corner of the Homestead. The exquisite details and architectural beauty provide a backdrop that is both sophisticated and enchanting. Surrounding the mansion, the meticulously maintained four-acre gardens boast vibrant blooms, tranquil reflecting pools, and a charming veranda. This picturesque outdoor space, combined with flexible indoor areas, sets the stage for a celebration imbued with grace and rich history. The Burr Homestead stands out among Fairfield County venues, as it offers ample space for tented garden celebrations and a range of catering options, ensuring a personalized experience tailored to your vision. Whether it’s an elegant seated dinner or a whimsical reception, the Burr Homestead provides the perfect canvas to bring your dreams to life.

Gather your beloved family and friends to partake in an unforgettable and truly special experience as you exchange vows and celebrate your union at The Burr Homestead. This treasured venue will leave a lasting impression, offering a unique blend of historical charm and natural beauty that will make your wedding day truly remarkable.

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