The Elks Tower Casino and Event Center

When you think of Sacramento, what comes to mind? Food and culture for sure! With that, the Elks Tower is steeped in the rich history of this California city. Originally built as one such well-known historical structure: The Elks Lodge. This building has now become a premier venue hosting events ranging from private parties up through large corporations! It diversely offers a variety that can’t be found anywhere else – not just with its cuisine, but also views all over parts of town!

The Elks Tower Historic Ballroom is a 5,000 square foot space with both elevator and stair access located above the restaurant. Unique in its open-air design, it features two mezzanine style balconies. As well as vaulted ceilings that are highlighted by chandeliers! The large windows let plenty of natural light into this space too. While natural wood flooring adds an extra layer of class for your special day. On the contrary, it’s no surprise that Locked Barrel is one of the most popular restaurants in town, with its perfect cocktails and over-the-top whiskey list. But it’s more than just a great spot for getting tipsy – come on in because they’ll have you feeling at home before long!

In addition, the Elks Tower offers a one-of-a kind dining experience for all types of special events. Their team members are well trained and can handle any situation with ease. Thanks to their customer service excellence! Their food speaks volumes with its value that cannot be matched by any other venue on the island.

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