The Gardens of Park Hills

When you come to the Gardens of Park Hills, their goal is for your event and special day to be a success. They also offer an elegant location in which couples can celebrate with excellence from beginning until end! Also, the grandiose and luxurious spaces of this banquet hall are ideal for hosting an extravagant big day. The Gardens of Park Hills will provide seasoned culinary professionals too.

Further, step into the Vista Room and experience Tuscany at its finest. This spaces showcases gorgeous color scheme of soft natural tones. As well as sparkling chandeliers and wall sconces that cast an elegant glow. You’ll be lost in romance before even setting foot on the dance floor here! Meanwhile, the Arbor Room is a space that will make any couple feel like they are in an elegant and unique atmosphere. This chic décor features low ceilings to complement its pristine appearance. Making it perfect for celebrating your love with all sorts of style!

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