The Japanese Garden: Suiho En

In the Japanese Garden: Suiho En, stones and plants are precisely integrated into a serene refuge. Truly a whimsical place if you want a garden setting wedding. In addition, it opened next to the D.C. Tillman Reclamation Plant in Van Nuys in 1984. With that, Suiho En uses treated sewage water from its namesake city of Tokyo (Sui-ho). Comically, designer Koichi Kawana loved puns, so he called his creation, “The Garden of Water and Fragrance”. Which is fitting as visitors cannot smell anything coming out of this garden, aside from an eau de toilette aroma!

Notably, this gorgeous venue ranked #10 out of 300 public Japanese Gardens on North America’s list, but guests may agree that it deserves more than just rank 10 with all the beauty that your eyes could feast upon! Further, keep in mind that there are rules that should be strictly followed in order to celebrate your special day here. To illuminate, there is no rehearsal time provided. However, they can provide you with a diagram of the building or bridge to help you plan your processional.

Moreover, the contract time is all-inclusive in which set up and clean down has to be accomplished by the renter. As the staff will bring garden chairs and tables, as well as other necessary items for your event. Also, it is important to leave the site in a clean condition. This way, you can truly enjoy your stay and feel welcomed back anytime!

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