The Julia Morgan Ballroom

The intricately designed ballroom, with its iconic glass windows and chandeliers makes for an unforgettable experience. Not only does this venue have San Francisco’s history but it also links back to the city’s roots. In fact, the city is full of history and the Julia Morgan Ballroom isn’t just one piece in that puzzle. It’s also an event venue with its own interesting story to tell. Especially that it’s located at the iconic Merchants Exchange!

There’s no better place in San Francisco than the Julia Morgan Ballroom for your next event. The building radiates elegance from its exterior, through each floor and out onto street. It truly does reflect what makes this city so special! As you walk through the Merchant Exchange building’s street-level doors and into its lobby, you’re transported back to an era of lavish detail.

Moreover, weddings at the Julia Morgan Ballroom are an unforgettable experience for all involved. The staff’s expertise in creating custom events has helped them achieve successful occasions that included U.S presidents, foreign dignitaries and business legends alike! They’re a group of experts that will make your dreams come true. They’ll design and plan an unforgettable evening for you, complete with all the personal touches only someone who knows what makes it special can provide!

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