See our favorite wedding venues in San Francisco below.

Why is San Francisco perfect for my wedding?

From the weather to the food, San Francisco is a great place for anything. No matter what your wedding style or tastes are, this city has you covered with exceptional services and an abundance of venues that will blow away any guests from anywhere in North America!

You can find your dream wedding venue in San Francisco, where you will encounter old world charm embodied by historic buildings and conversation over high-end glasses of wine at wineries. Here, tradition is not sacrificed for spunk as upscale venues provide intimate settings to tie the knot.

Also, Art galleries are one of the most memorable aspects about event venues in San Francisco. They have floors full of talented artists, including painters, sculptors and photographers from around the world. Guests can take their time to explore all different types of artwork while sipping on high quality cocktails created by local bartenders who use ingredients grown locally too!

Celebrating your wedding in San Francisco is a unique experience, with many upscale venues staying true to its heart and soul. Whether it be an outdoor or indoor backdrop, there are countless options for you to choose from that combine class and customs along the way. One of these popular areas can be found on Treasure Island – with panoramic views of their skyline and waterfront coastline, this would definitely make one unforgettable day.

In addition, two airports in San Francisco offer a lot of travel options for wedding guests regardless of where they are traveling from. This makes it easy to navigate between the airport and venues, as most people can take public transportation or carpool services such as Uber or Lyft so they can easily get around without worrying about parking at the venue.

There are many transportation options available in San Francisco. If you want, you can take a train all the way from San Francisco to San Jose or opt for an organized bus system within the city. Notably, it was once rated as second most walkable large city in America!

Weddings in San Francisco are more expensive than most cities. The average cost for wedding venues with over 100 guests is $20,000 and can go up to $50,000 including lavishness of the venue. However, there still many affordable options available at only around $10k-$15k which may include luxurious features too! Such as stunning views of the city or a special night time event if you book early enough on your date of choice. Right before it gets fully booked by other enthusiastic brides-to-be!

The amazing San Francisco weather means wedding venue prices don’t vary from season to season. This all-year round availability provides a variety of options with different cost points however.