Muir Woods National Monument

Take a walk through these beautiful forests. The silence and stillness will inspire reverence for the thousand-year old monuments, so only use hushed tones when speaking here. Let the redwoods tell their stories in this magnificent forest! Muir Wood was the first National Monument to be created because of land donation from an individual. It was solely donated by Congressman William Kent. For the reason to protect redwoods that were over 150 years old and at risk for being logged.

In fact, this redwood forest was dedicated to the father of the national parks, John Muir. Today, visitors flock to Muir Woods and hike through these famed trails. Some of the most remarkable sights include fairy ring trees and the panoramic Pacific coast. So, get your camera and capture the beauty of nature, as well as your whirlwind romance bound towards the journey of matrimony.

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