Asian Art Museum

The Asian Art Museum is a place where you can lose yourself in the art and history of Asia. In fact, it’s housed within one imposing Beaux Arts building. On one hand, visitors to the building are greeted by a marble lobby with stone arches and antique light fixtures. These beautiful decorations grace every special event space in this sophisticated complex!

Moreover, the grand staircase and Loggia are not just a beautiful decoration here. They also have an important role to play. The first thing that strikes you when walking into the lobby from these archways, is how much space they take up: two flights of beautifully carved travertine marble steps lead down into the renowned Loggia.

In addition, some couples have chosen to married on the stairs, which is a gorgeous and elegant idea. With candles or flowers strategically placed along these steps. As well as decorated walls that will be visible from all angles during your ceremony. It’s like watching royalty take place right before you! The party in the Loggia is an intimate affair with tall candles and soft lighting. It feels like you’re invited to a chic soiree, not just another ordinary wedding!

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