Saints Peter and Paul Church

The beach of North Beach has long since gone away. In the 1850s, a finger of the bay extended far inland between Telegraph and Russian Hills; this was where all residents enjoyed their sunny stretch on shore. Nowadays, many worlds intermingle in North Beach: it is an eclectic neighborhood. The once-Italian enclave of San Francisco has evolved into a diverse, vibrant community. The Saints Peter and Paul Church is at the center of this cultural mosaic, founded in 1884. Which is now home to many other ethnic groups and backgrounds.

Moreover, the present church, with its two lofty spires that soar 191 feet into the sky was completed in 1924. For over a century, it has served parishioners and charmed numerous tourists visiting daily. While also inspiring North Beach community members throughout this time period. Now, if you decide to get married at this historic church, you need to keep some reminders in mind. Weddings must be planned at least six months in advance. To marry someone, either the bride or groom needs to be Catholic. They need an updated (not original) baptismal certificate from their parish of birth with all notations on it. Also, if the Catholic members are not parishioners at Saints Peter and Paul, then they will need a letter of permission from their home parish. The church wants to ensure that you attend this specific place of worship with the intention for marriage in mind.

On the other hand, if you are planning to attend a wedding here, it is best that you arrive early. If the ceremony runs into any delays, the priest may need to abbreviate certain parts of the service or shorten photo session time. So as not to inconvenience other couples and their upcoming ceremonies.

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