Golden Gate Park

The most well known park throughout the United States is probably Golden Gate Park. It is located right in heart of San Francisco. The 7,000 types of plant life would be enough by itself to attract people from around the world. Along with its greenery and variety alone, but it doesn’t stop there. This park boasts some very popular attractions too! And another thing, this is an exquisite place to get down in one knee. You know the drill!

Much like the San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge was deemed “The bridge that couldn’t be built”, and its 1,000+ acres of terrain was once also known as the Outside Lands. The breathtaking Golden Gate Park is home to a wealth of San Francisco’s most-visited attractions. Visitors should be sure not to miss the Japanese Tea Garden, the Botanical Gardens, and more! With 24 million visitors annually, it is one of America’s top city parks.

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