Mission Dolores Park

Encompassing 16 acres, Mission Dolores Park is a vibrant heart in San Francisco’s equally diverse and dynamic neighborhood. It also showcases lush green lawns, tall palm trees and multiple athletic courts. In addition, there is even an off-leash dog play area! A plethora of cultural events and festivals take place here, with many people taking advantage of sunny afternoons to play games in the park, picnic on its grassy landings, or to simply lounge.

Interesting enough, the park is located on land that once housed a Jewish cemetery. In 1905, the city purchased this property. Then later on, established it as a public park. Which was also able to shelter refugees from San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake and fire disaster. This park also strictly follows the policy of “Leave No Trace” in order to maintain it clean and safe. Another great thing about this place is the abundant outdoor sceneries that are perfect for a natural backdrop. Time to call your favorite photographer for that sought after photo session!

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