The Perry House

The Perry House is the perfect place for your wedding reception. The Perry House “style” has a lot to offer! It’s an extraordinary blend of history, architecture, and charm. When you need a place that will make “ Storybook” memories for your wedding, look no further than this location! The perfect spot for your dream wedding, with a setting that will make guests feel like they’re in another world. Also, the property offers an enchanting atmosphere to promote relaxed conversation and delicious food, unlike any other “wedding” meal you’ve had before!

The Perry House offers accommodation for your ceremony and reception in one location. They have ample space to accommodate up to 130 guests without worrying about getting separate pricing information on facility rentals or catering staff. Their pricing includes everything you need to make your event go smoothly. With catering and staff included, as well a table set-up with china plates for each guest.

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