The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta

Embark on a journey of discovery where unparalleled wedding venues and bespoke service await you at The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta. Step into a world where weddings become unforgettable tales, meticulously woven within the luxurious tapestry of our exceptional offerings.

From the opulent grandeur of the Grand Ballroom, where extravagant wedding receptions unfurl in a symphony of elegance, to the refined allure of the Georgian Room, an intimate haven for celebratory dinners, each Atlanta wedding venue promises an idyllic stage for every cherished moment.

Imagine your special day unfolding in the resplendent embrace of the Grand Ballroom. Radiant crystal chandeliers cast a celestial glow upon walls adorned with hand-applied platinum accents, reminiscent of gilded opulence. The interplay of midnight hues, jewel-toned blues, and golden Champagne shades, coupled with a captivating lighting installation, offers an endless canvas for crafting your personalized color scheme—a masterpiece of sophistication and grandeur.

The Plaza Ballroom, a treasure trove of elegance, stands as an architectural marvel and a testament to refined aesthetics. Its sophisticated color palette harmonizes with architectural accents, graced by trey ceilings that reach for the heavens. Majestic crystal chandeliers bestow a celestial radiance upon the space, creating an exquisite backdrop for wedding ceremonies, receptions, or sumptuous dinners that will linger in hearts and memories.

Step into the embrace of the Georgian Room, a realm of timeless charm and contemporary flair. This haven exudes an air of sophistication, appointed with beveled-glass French doors that beckon you into a world of luminous chandeliers and exquisite marble touches. The warm embrace of wood-paneled walls sets the stage for a wedding reception brimming with modern elegance, accommodating up to 150 guests, or an intimate dinner steeped in the rich traditions of 100 years past.

In your quest to bring your dreams to life, lean on the expertise of The Ritz-Carlton’s seasoned wedding planning professionals. With their unwavering commitment and visionary prowess, your wedding day will transcend imagination, transforming into an opulent reality where every detail is thoughtfully curated, and every moment is a treasured masterpiece.

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