The Star Barn

The Star Barn, an iconic and historic barn in Pennsylvania has been a landmark since it was erected in 1877. The building’s Gothic Revival style is knowingly evident. Also, it has pointed archways along each side that creates quite an impressive sight for travelers. In fact, the four dominant louvered star ventilators on this building made it stand out from other similar structures in the area. As well as its vaulted stone tunnel which measured 56 feet long!

Moreover, the Star Barn Village is a historic site that has been through many changes throughout American history. The structure was used for housing chickens and hogs, storing hay to provide feed, as well as corn. It also served the purpose in sheltering carriages or farm implements by late 1920’s when they transformed into dairy farms. Uniquely, the barn is a window into the past. It’s an iconic architectural treasure that will make for the perfect celebration! Along with photo opportunities with miles of scenic trails and over 100 picturesque spots around it for every guest to enjoy.

More importantly, it is a venue perfect for your dream wedding! The spaces to choose from are certainly scenic; the Grand Canopy Tuscan Tent is located in a stand of white pines, fruit trees and forest. The interior features massive hand-hewn beams from the early 1800’s, gracing with elegant chandeliers. There’s also the Grande Gazebo, surrounded by a “Burning Bush” hedge that was inspired by the Biblical parable of the St. Michael’s Vineyard. Also, there’s another gazebo called the Victorian Gazebo in the Orchard. This beautiful setting is the perfect place for you to enjoy an intimately grand romantic getaway, with over 150 fruit trees and three-rail fencing. Still, there are more spaces waiting to be discovered here!

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