The Telico Gin

The Telico Gin is a historic cotton gin that offered service to the surrounding area for decades. Built in May 1940, this landmark was one of the many that played an important role during the renowned era. In addition, James and Connie Trojacek purchased the property in 2014, which was once simply a dream. This has now become a reality as they work hard to create an event center that is truly outstanding for everyone involved. The gin has a lot of personality and offers twists on events that are sure to keep your guests interested all throughout!

Moreover, the newly remodeled Seed Barn is an amazing place to have your wedding ceremony, bridal shower, smaller gatherings and even engagement sessions! It’s the perfect size for an intimate celebration with friends and family too. On one hand, the Telico Gin’s 4,000 square feet allows ample of space for your event! This makes it perfect to host the biggest parties around as well. Meanwhile, the Telico Gin’s kitchen is the most luxurious, pristinely designed space in this entire building! It has everything one could need for their own personal chef-level dinner parties.

The Telico Gin is the perfect place for any event. Whether you want to host a small get together with friends or an extravagant wedding, this venue offers something that will meet everyone’s needs! The luxuriously rustic and vintage interior design elements are what make it so great. But there’s also plenty outside including elegant gardens and gorgeous views of lush green scenery awaiting for you!

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