The Willows Inn

When you think of a country getaway, what comes to mind? For many people the prospect is some remote island with idyllic beaches and clear blue waters. But if your idea includes restaurants serving fresh seafood caught just off shore from downtown Vancouver or serene coves deep in forest where deer wander freely at sunset, then look no further than Lummi Island! In here, you’ll find the quaint venue of Willows Inn.

Further, some chefs are born to be in the kitchen and others have a calling. Blaine Wetzel was one of those that knew from day one what he wanted his life’s work would be: food! At just 25 years old, this chef took on an apprenticeship with René Redzepi at Noma before taking over as owner of the renowned Willows Inn! Wetzel’s tasting menus are a journey through the Pacific Northwest. All with foraged ingredients and impeccable technique as he tells an edible story of this region as well.

On one hand, Lummi Island is a hidden gem, located in the archipelago that includes San Juan Islands and Gulf of Georgia. There are so many things you can do on this small but scenic island, from hiking to fishing or even just soaking up some sun by one if its only beaches! In fact, you can even tie the knot here! You can have an outdoor wedding by the beach and your dining reception inside Willows Inn’s banquet hall. At the end of the day, you’ll surely enjoy your festivities here!

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