The Woodlands at Cottonwood Canyon

The Woodlands is a hidden gem in the Montana wilderness, and it’s only 10 miles south of Bozeman. There you will find an abundance of nature with soft filtered light that makes for picturesque views at every turn! The venue’s organic tones and elegant spaces are a perfect match for any special occasion. The old world style of this picturesque spot will bring out the romantic in you, while still maintaining its rustic comfort throughout!

Further, the Woodlands property is like a breath of fresh air. It’s serenity and beauty are unmatched in Montana. In fact, this place has some beautiful mountain ranges themselves! You can even tie the knot in this exquisite venue. A perfect place for a celebration, the fairgrounds are home to century year old trees and songbirds. The air here smells fresh with wildflowers growing on mountain slopes. A dreamlike world of enchanting beauty awaits you in this venue.

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