Tibble Fork Reservoir

If you’re looking to take in the serene and natural beauty that is Utah, look no further than Tibble Fork. This beautiful lake is located near American Fork Canyon where there are stunning views from all around it of mountain ranges as well as green rolling hills on either side. In addition, the reservoir will leave your heart full too with its crystal blue waters. Perfect for boating or just sitting under a tree while reading your favorite book!

This popular outdoor recreation area offers a wide variety of activities. Including trails perfect for hiking, mountain biking, fishing or camping. If you’re looking to get out on two wheels, then there is plenty here with many scenic views that will make your trip worthwhile! With a scenic backdrop of the Wasatch Mountains, Tibble Fork and Silver Lake offer spectacular views. Especially one-of-a kind landscapes that are a frequent destination for photographers. Mostly, visited by couples who want their engagement or formal photo session here! On one hand, a sandy beach has recently been added to help increase the comfort of swimmers and sunbathers. There are many nearby trails too, as well as several other lakes further up the road from here.

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