Tilikum Crossing Bridge

Tilikum Crossing is known as the Bridge of the People. It’s amazingly the largest and car-free bridge in the United States. In fact, it’s the newest bridge that connects Portland’s forward-thinking urban transit system. With its dramatic design, it really stands out to be a beautiful structure in the city! Not to mention, the span is a lovely and well-planed example of modern architecture that offers its users much to see. With two wide paths, the walkers can enjoy taking their time as they meander through carefully crafted details.

Also, the softly flowing river is the center of attention here, with natural nods to nature scattered throughout. There are osprey nesting poles at either end and an art installation that amplifies sounds from it on both banks! The Tilikum Bridge is an engineering marvel! It has LED lights on it that change color and pattern according to the river’s current speed. Additionally, you’ll be in awe as you make your way towards the bridge and take memorable photos with its iconic beauty!

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