Turnip Rose Promenade Gardens

The Turnip Rose Promenade Gardens offer a beautiful venue for weddings in the Costa Mesa, California. This innovative catering company purchased an old Napa Valley-based winery. And later on, they had turned it into what they call “The Promenade”. In fact, the Promenade projects the Mediterranean ambiance throughout their event hall. Inspiring thoughts of far off destinations or exotic locations for your big day!

Moreover, the Turnip Rose is a stunning property with many spaces to choose from. If your wedding celebrations need an upscale event room, they can transform the Promenade and make it seem like you’re outside in nature instead of inside. The interior of the building is a fantastic setting for couples to enjoy an open floorplan that filters onto the patio. The slate floors emit soft bistro string lighting, making it perfect for dancing or dining al fresco style. Also, the grand park or the rose garden may be able to suit hundreds of guests. At the same time, this area has abundant trees that are well-manicured and cared for, with a Noguchi rock garden influencing relaxed feelings in nearby areas too.

Further, the Turnip Rose offers a certain elegance to any event with its signature style. With over three decades of catering experience. They are pleased to have served many satisfied customers who keep coming back for more! Notably, the Turnip Rose provides couples with an unrivaled service that is second to none.

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