Tyler Arboretum

Choosing Tyler Arboretum as the location for your wedding ensures that you will have a unique and unforgettable experience. This 650 acre property has rolling meadows, pristine woodlands, and plenty of natural beauty to offer. In here, Mother Nature sets the stage with her beautiful flowers, making it perfect even in winter months when the trees are bare. Its towering structure enables privacy, so guests can enjoy themselves without worrying about being seen by others nearby. This venue assures you not only unmatched nature, but also historic charm! Many who come here say this is one place where true romance is found among the centuries-old structures!

The fragrant beauty of Tyler’s garden is a sight to behold. Dozens and dozens of flowers bloom throughout the year, each with their own unique aroma. In springtime, lilacs fill every nook, while magnolias are in full swing by summer before turning into an autumnal display. As it is filled with ancient trees bathed in rustling leaves over time’s passage. Also, the Stone Bank Barn has a reception room, which is combined with tenting over an adjacent terrace. This overlooks the valley of majestic trees and babbling stream.

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