Valley Forge National Historical Park

The Valley Forge National Historical Park is a site of historic importance. As it was the location for General George Washington’s 1777-78 winter encampment. Also, it is where Continental Army soldiers survive harsh conditions and emerge stronger. In addition, you can visit the physical remains of America’s first symbol of unity here: a historically-rich campground!

Further, Valley Forge is a place where the spirit of patriotism and independence, along with individual sacrifice for the collective good are still alive. It demonstrates the tenacity of Americans to be free from their oppressors. The Valley Forge National Historical Park is a treasure trove for history buffs too! With its historic landscapes and structures linking back to one of the most defining moments in the country. You can also enjoy exploring various interesting locations here. That includes the National Memorial Arch, Washington’s Headquarters, Muhlenberg’s Brigade, the Artillery Park, and more!

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