Verandas Beach House

Weddings bring people together, as a family, a community, as one. With that said, Verandas Beach House lives with that belief! This fantastic destination offers a canvas where all of those lovely elements can occur. Directly from LAX to the famous pier, and especially, the Manhattan Beach (which is just a short walk from here).

They provide a private space for your big day, accompanied with experienced staff that will be focusing on giving you excellent service. They offer the best of both worlds. Providing you with all your needs to make this an eventful and memorable stay for you and your guests too. For instance, your timeline will be fully customizable to map the flow of your wedding. Not even a cake swap will happen!

Also, this venue have multiple spaces for you to choose from. You can have an outdoor ceremony in their lush garden, a beach wedding, or even an enclosed one for a much intimate moment. In addition, there’s a receiving line, an enchanting entrance down the stairs, and a wide spaced ballroom that’s suitable for your reception. Similarly, they have a built-in set up that can be used immediately, saving some amount of rentals. Thus, the upstairs area has a great bar, a dance floor, and a lounge area with stunning views.

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