White Rock Lake Park

White Rock Lake is a popular destination for people to go and enjoy the outdoors. The 2,000 acres that make up this park includes trails where you can hike or bike. While there are also picnic areas along with events spaces available as well! On one hand, White Rock Lake is formed when the White Rocks Dam impounds a portion of its namesake creek. From there, water flows down to become part in an interconnected system that includes the Trinity River.

In addition, White Rock Lake Park is used for many special events and it offers a variety of activities. People can enjoy nature there, such as seeing wildlife in its natural environment! Further, the grandeur of engagement sessions at White Rock Lake Park is unmatched! With the trees, bridge and docks, there are many options for a variety of natural looks. Plus, catching sunset off this spot look stunningly beautiful with its reflection on the water’s surface!

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