White Willow Reception Center

The White Willow Reception Center is the perfect spot for your ceremony and reception. Also, this historical wedding venue has a beautiful mansion too. While situated on its vast grounds are many original details from the past that will make you feel like royalty! Wedding photographers in town want to know: what’s the best spot for a dramatic photo? The answer could be White Willow. With both indoor and outdoor spaces, they offer all of your favorite locations in one call!

White Willow Reception Center is a great option for any occasion. Whether you’re looking to host your next family reunion, office celebration or retirement party. They have the perfect space with enough room on site and ample of parking too. The venue can even seat up to hundreds for a cozy dinner or pull out some tables for you to dance the night away! Couples using White Willow have the opportunity to experience an event planner, bridal suite for pre-wedding prep and more. There’s also a hands on approach in all aspects of your big day.

Moreover, one of the best parts about getting married is choosing what theme you want your big day to have. It’s like being given a blank canvas for creativity and having all sorts of new possibilities! Thus, not all weddings are the same, and White Willow offers a one of kind experience for couples exclusively here!

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