30+ Adventure Elopement Photography Ideas and Examples for Your Inspiration

These days, many couples are stepping away from traditional wedding ceremonies and opting for intimate, adventurous elopements in breathtaking locations. Adventure elopement photography captures the spirit of these unique celebrations, showcasing the beauty of nature and the deep connection between the couple. In this article, we will explore various ideas and examples of adventure elopement photography that will inspire you for your own special day.

What is Adventure Elopement Photography?

Adventure elopement photography is a genre that focuses on capturing the essence of a couple’s intimate elopement in awe-inspiring outdoor locations. From mountaintops and forests to deserts and beaches, adventure elopement photography takes couples on a journey to create stunning images that reflect their love and sense of adventure.

Adventure elopement photography has gained popularity for several reasons. Firstly, couples are increasingly seeking unique and personalized experiences for their weddings. Adventure elopements offer the opportunity to exchange vows in breathtaking elopement locations that may not be logistically feasible with traditional wedding ceremonies. Additionally, adventure elopements provide couples with a more intimate and private celebration, allowing them to focus on each other and create lasting memories. The resulting photographs capture the raw emotions and natural interactions between the couple, resulting in truly captivating images.

Editors Picks

The images in this article were submitted by the Wedding Photographers at Wedding Maps to the award category of “Adventure Elopement Photography.”  Below are the editor’s picks for the best images submitted.

 Photo by Dan Sauer (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Countryside in Dyrhólaey, Iceland

Photo by JCM Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Yosemite National Park in Mariposa, CA, United States

 Photo by Kevin Heslin (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Nauyaca Waterfalls in San Jose, Costa Rica

 Photo by Stefani Ciotti (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Isle of Skye, Scotland

Photo by Zack Bradley (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Black Balsam Knob – Blue Ridge Parkway in Canton, North Carolina

Photo by Jeff Tisman (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Catskill Mountains in New Paltz NY, USA

Photo by Larsen Photo Co (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Indian Peaks Wilderness in Colorado

Creative Elopement Photography

Adventure elopement photography often incorporates creative compositional theories and techniques to capture stunning images. Photographers experiment with intentional blur, silhouettes, reflections, juxtaposition, long exposures, and more. These techniques add depth and visual interest to the photographs, resulting in unique and artistic images that go beyond the traditional wedding photography style. The examples below showcase the creativity and artistic vision of adventure elopement photographers.

hello@joannaandbrett.com Photo by Joanna and Brett (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Garden of the Gods in Herod, Illinois, United States


Photo by Jen DZ Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Near Twin Lakes, CO (no official venue) in Twin Lakes, CO, USA


Photo by Green Apple Weddings (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Evangola State Park in Buffalo, New York, USA


Photo by Tove Lundquist (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Elopement session in Skåne in Haväng, Sweden


Photo by Dan Sauer (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Countryside in Hellnar, Iceland


Photo by Charles Moll (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Beehive Basin – Bik Sky Montana in Big Sky Montana, United States

Getting Wet or Dirty for the Sake of the Photo!

Some couples are willing to go the extra mile and embrace adventure, even if it means getting their wardrobe dirty or wet. These photographs capture the willingness of couples to sacrifice their pristine attire for the sake of capturing stunning images in unique environments. From jumping into lakes and rivers to exploring rugged terrains, these adventurous couples create unforgettable moments that are beautifully preserved in their elopement photographs.


Photo by Sofia Camplioni (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Skra waterfalls Greece in Kilkis Central Macedonia, Northern Greece, Greece


Photo by Lazzat Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at The middle of the ocean – Waikiki, Hawaii in Waikiki, HI, USA


Photo by Kristin Cheatwood (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Golden Eagle Ranch in Hailey, ID, USA

info@kevinheslinphoto.com Photo by Kevin Heslin (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Pozo Azul in Puntarenas, Costa Rica


Photo by Jen DZ Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at no venue – near Telluride, CO in Telluride, CO, USA

Braving the Cold

Cold weather is no deterrent for couples seeking incredible elopement photos. These brave couples embrace the chill and venture into wintry landscapes to capture breathtaking images. Snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes, and frosty forests serve as picturesque backdrops, creating a sense of serenity and enchantment. These elopement photos showcase the couples’ resilience and their determination to celebrate their love in even the most challenging conditions.


Photo by Katinov Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Sundance Resort in Provo, Utah, USA

Elopement Stories and Photojournalism

Adventure elopement photography is not just about capturing beautiful images; it is about telling the story of the couple’s journey. These photographs document the entire elopement experience, from the exhilarating moments of reaching incredible locations to the emotional and intimate ceremonies. Adventure elopement photographers have a photojournalistic approach, capturing candid moments, stolen glances, and genuine expressions of love. These images preserve the essence of the couple’s elopement, allowing them to relive the experience for years to come.

Photo by We The Light (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)


Photo by Holding and Co (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Mt. Baldy in Mt. Baldy, CA, USA


Photo by Jessie and Dallin (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Glacier National Park in Montana, USA


Photo by Ibay Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Streetcar New Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States


Photo by In Love and Adventure (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Public Lands, Colorado in Buena Vista, Colorado, USA


Photo by Angie Nelson (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at West Maui Mountains in Maui, Hawaii, USA


Photo by Andy Madea Photo (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at White Mountains National Forest in New Hampshire, United States

Stylized Themes and Matching Wardrobe

Some couples choose to incorporate stylized themes into their elopement photography, creating a cohesive and visually striking narrative. They carefully select their wardrobe and props to match the hues, tones, and overall aesthetic of the surroundings. Whether it’s a bohemian-inspired elopement in a desert or a rustic-themed ceremony in a forest, these images showcase the couples’ attention to detail and their commitment to creating a visually captivating elopement experience.


Photo by Laura Skebba Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Valley of Fire in Las Vegas, NV, USA


Photo by Lets Make a Memory (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Malibu Beach, CA

Incredible, Wide-Angle Elopement Photography Locations

Adventure elopement photography often takes advantage of wide-angle lenses to capture the vastness and grandeur of the landscapes. These images showcase breathtaking locations that serve as the backdrop for intimate elopements. From towering mountains and expansive canyons to vast meadows and secluded beaches, these wide-angle shots immerse the viewer in the beauty and magnitude of nature. The couples become a small part of the majestic landscape, emphasizing their connection to each other and the world around them.


Photo by Loc Le (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at MT Rainier in


Photo by Scenic Vows (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Palmer, Alaska in Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska, United States


Photo by Hennessy Photo Co (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Alamosa, CO, United States


Photo by Hennessy Photo Co (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction, CO, United States


Photo by Courtland Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, USA

Blue Hour Elopement Photography

Blue hour refers to the period of twilight before sunrise or after sunset when the sky takes on a deep blue hue. While blue hour can be challenging for adventure elopement photographers due to limited light, it can also create a magical atmosphere if it’s safe to stay out that late. These images capture the enchanting beauty of elopements during this special time of day. The soft, diffused light and the serene ambiance add a touch of romance and tranquility to the photographs, resulting in captivating and ethereal imagery.

Photo by Larissa Welch (Website | Wedding Maps Profile)


Photo by Andreas Pollok (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Schöntal in Baden Württemberg, Germany


Photo by 4 Eyes Photography (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Pocaterra Ridge in Kananaskis Country, Canada

Other Elopement Wedding Photos

In addition to the previously mentioned themes and styles, there is a myriad of other creative approaches to adventure elopement photography. From elopements on cliffs overlooking the ocean to ceremonies in ancient ruins, each couple brings their unique vision and story to their elopement. The examples below showcase the diversity and beauty of elopements captured through the lens of talented photographers.


Photo by Laurentiu Nica (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Rânca in Gorj, Romania


Photo by Kivus and Camera (Website | Wedding Maps Profile) at Chapel Hill in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States


Adventure elopement photography allows couples to create a deeply personal and unforgettable wedding experience. The examples and ideas presented in this article highlight the creativity, beauty, and emotional depth that can be achieved through this genre. Whether you’re planning an adventure elopement or simply seeking inspiration, these images serve as a testament to the power of love, nature, and the art of photography. Let your imagination run wild, and may your elopement be filled with breathtaking moments and everlasting memories.

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