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One Love Photography

Bold, colorful, documentary wedding photographers thriving on coffee, sarcasm, laughter and a totally wild reception dance floor. About Christina: Texas born and raised, mother to two gorgeous daughters, and lifelong emotion seeker! If you tend to sing too loud in the car, are slightly obsessed with Harry Potter and would happily eat tacos every day for the rest of your life, we should talk because we just might end up besties. I am a passionate, people-loving, extrovert who also enjoys a good book or a epic Netflix binge. I love to bake but not clean up the dishes, paint even though I’m terrible at it, and photograph the most precious moments in peoples lives! While my baking is generally half done with dishes left in the sink and my painting is less than mediocre, photography is where I pour my heart and soul. Shoot me a message, I’m always down to chat! About Will: While Christina is more of the extroverted hype queen, I'm more of the stand back and watch it unfold kind of guy. I love to people watch, work in the yard and always enjoy a killer BBQ and craft brew in the summer. Living with Christina has forced me to become a pretty rad cook in the kitchen (don't tell her I told you....she burns macaroni and cheese REGULARLY). When I'm not at home with Christina and our daughters or out capturing our couples, you can probably find me riding one of our local mountain bike trails. Originally from the beautiful Sunshine State but I have called TX my home for a minute or two now. While my time in Florida has come to a close I will forever keep the love of sunsets, seafood and sarcastic "Florida Man" humor.


Lightroom / Natural Light / Off Camera Flash / Photojournalism / Photoshop

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