Ambassador Mansions and Gardens

A dream wedding venue, the Ambassador Mansions and Gardens is quite the catch! Especially for those looking to get married with an opulent vibe. In addition, the courtyard features a gorgeous fountain and the grounds themselves are lined by Cypress trees. Which are reminiscent of Tuscany, Italy. Also, for the reception, you can take advantage of California’s always perfect weather on their reception lawn. It has an ample seating space too. As well as plenty of room where tables will be set up. So you don’t need to worry about running out!

The vast lawn is another open space that is historically full of rich stories. Both historic and hands down elegant, this venue tops the choices for an outdoor wedding! Moreover, the whole area is picturesque. The detailed vintage interior of the mansion will truly create the perfect photo album. Not to mention, you’ll feel like royalty all throughout your time here. Take in the old charm of the venue and enjoy it with your friends and family during the ceremony, all the way to the reception and cocktail hour.

Celebrate intimate and grand occasions, from the moment you walk into this majestic venue. Get ready to be captured with the rich sunlight as you walk down the aisle. Indeed one of the most beautiful venues in Pasadena – your wedding day will be candidly golden without a doubt!

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