Balboa Yacht Club

The Balboa Yacht Club, with its beautiful nautical setting and signature California weather, is a renowned location for the perfect wedding ceremony. Imagine your dockside nuptials in front of all those boats bobbing gently on the water as you exchange vows under an evening sky lit by brilliant stars that are best seen from Southern California!

With a setting that is both sophisticated and romantic, the Balboa Yacht Club in Corona del Mar will be sure to wow your guests. There are dockside ceremonies for you to choose from or even have an outdoor event as boats gently bob on water’s surface. You’ll want take advantage of California weather with cocktails by sunset!

About Corona Del Mar

Corona del Mar or CdM (Spanish for “Crown of the Sea”) is a seaside neighborhood in Newport Beach, California. Corona del Mar consists of all land on the seaward face of San Joaquin Hills south from Avocado Ave to city limits as well as development Irvine Terrace just north if it. It’s known by its beaches and tidepools with cliffside views that are accessible down steep hillsides but also includes popular state beach called Corona Delmar State Park which can be accessed through walkways along coastal cliffs.

The word “Corona” means crown in Spanish while “del mar” translates into sea; thus this name could translate to Crown City at Sea!


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