Botanical Gardens at Asheville

On a beautiful day, don’t forget to go for an awe-inspiring stroll in the Botanical Gardens of Asheville! This lush green space is just two miles from downtown and has the perfect nature galore. In fact, the garden collections include 600 species of plants native to the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Ranging from trees and shrubs, all the way down to vines with colorful blooms.

You will have the opportunity to see much of ten acres when you follow an easy walking trail that forms a half-mile loop. Taking you across bridges over streams and meadows. Also, the gardens house 50 species from all over the world that are considered uncommon, rare or endangered in the region. Along the way, there are strategically placed picnic benches and tables too. There are surely various opportunities for exploring this large open space. Made even better, admission here is free!

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