Brooklyn Arts Center

In a church built in 1888, the Brooklyn Arts Center caters to an astonishing 60-foot cathedral ceiling.  A recently updated Manse also houses the bridal or groom’s suite, you will have a spacious private courtyard as well. Not to mention, a beautiful balcony overlooking the picturesque window. On the other hand, they also have The Annex (built before 1910), where two elegant floors including four rooms for the bride’s and groom’s suites are present – all of which are available on your special day! Also, another good deal, parking is free throughout the area, since it accommodates every guest coming!

Situated close to several restaurants, bars, and hotels, this event center makes it easy for guests to find a place to stay and eat! And because the center is located right on the riverfront, couples can take advantage of the gorgeous views for their ceremony or reception. In short, Brooklyn Arts Center offers everything that couples could want in a wedding venue, and that’s why it’s the best choice for their big day.

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