Camp Dark Waters

Camp Dark Waters was created by Samuel R. Matlack, a friend who loved children and wanted to provide them with an enjoyable natural setting in which they could spend their summers. Today the camp is also open for special events like eccentric weddings! Get ready to experience a one of a kind camp-inspired wedding and to be one with nature! Don’t forget to be carefree and let it all go – enjoy your special day in this vividly fun venue.

Furthermore, the camp is unique itself! Camp Dark Waters provides an enriching, unique experience for children and adults alike. They run activities that are fun in a nurturing environment based on the Quaker testimonies of peace, education, simplicity, stewardship, equality and integrity. It is their goal to build new friendships through life lessons learned around campfires or at morning meetings. Nothing could beat the old school nostalgia you could get once you stepped into this marvelous place. Let your inner child once again cherish, as you step into a whole new world when you finally take your vows as husband and wife.

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