Christ Cathedral

Tracing back to its roots, the Garden Grove Community Church was home to one of the first megachurches in America. Additionally, Reverend Robert H. Schuller is a renowned pioneer evangelist. Also, he developed his church with innovative features. With top architects and designers that worked on the Crystal Cathedral design.

In fact, the Cathedral’s sale to the Roman Catholic Diocese was an unexpected turn of events for Rev. Schuller. But with his blessing, it has allowed this symbol of Christianity to be preserved into modern times and serve as a beacon for future generations. In the present time, imagine yourself stepping into the grandeur beauty of this cathedral! The Christ Cathedral is not only one of California’s largest churches, but also a well-known icon on Orange County and throughout Southern California!

Moreover, the message of the cathedral follows: A Catholic marriage is not just an agreement. It’s a celebration! And in particular, it should be seen as such. Because its core lies between the love of two people. Who want to commit themselves for life together! Weddings are a time when couples get to pledge their love and loyalty in front of the Lord. It’s an opportunity for them to see how much deeper the bond becomes after taking on roles within society: the husband as provider and the wife being a mother or caregiver.

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