Corona Presbyterian Church

The diverse people of Corona Presbyterian Church add color and creativity to the Denver Metro community. On one hand, it’s a vibrant, diverse place that includes many elements from the Denver Metro area’s colorful mosaic. Together, they are committed to living out their faith in action. They strive for growth by diving deeper into God’s word. All while reaching wider with love so that many more people will be touched by what Jesus has done for them and his saving grace can work its healing power on all those around them.

Notably, the mission of the church revolves around the love of the Lord. With that said, exchanging sacred vows here will be one of the ultimate treasures of your life. Imagine walking down the aisle as you surrender yourself towards nothing else but the powerful presence of love and commitment. Say “I do” in this magnificent church, and for sure, your love for one another will linger more.

Also, Corona’s rich history in the Capital Hill area stretches back to 1904, and they desire to be faithful Christ followers. They have a very diverse church family with many different backgrounds who come from all over. So don’t let anything hold you back, as everyone is welcome here!

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