Country Club of York

Situated in the picturesque, rolling hills of southern York County is the Country Club of York. With its vast views and lush greenery, you’ll find that this club has it all. Privacy from prying eyes and an escape from the busy city life – all for those simply looking to get away!

The Country Club of York is a 100 year old and prestigious golf club. It may even feel like the club has been around forever. They have a rich history that distinguishes them from other nearby clubs, and they are always looking for ways to preserve this part about themselves. So that it never goes away completely. Also, the Platinum Club of America has the Country Club of York ranked as 44 out 150 Clubs in America. This “go to” club for family and friends provides a fun place to spend time with loved ones. While also being able to enjoy some fun and good old fashion country living and entertainment.

Furthermore, the Country Club of York is proud to be an award-winning venue for wedding celebrations. The grandly intimate 252 acres comes complete with a variety of options, including the ability for you and your guests to enjoy elegant dinners or relax by one of its many pools. All before taking part in some ballroom dancing under the stars, while sipping on something sweet from their personal barista cart!

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